API Testing

Application programming interface testing (API) is a type of application testing where the individual API methods are tested to ensure that they are producing the expected output based on the inputs given to the code. Interaction between individual APIs is also being verified during this testing.

Our team performs API testing in both manual and automated way depending upon the customer’s need.

The testing also ensures that the API is compatible different operating systems and platforms.

Through API testing, our goal is to get involved during early stages of SDLC. API Testing introduced during Development stage helps finding unit level defects at the early stages. The earlier the defect found and fixed the cheaper the cost of fixing a defect. Functionality is thus tested in small chunks one after another.

This type of testing is really important as different modules which are the essentials blocks of an application, are tested individually and how they exchange data among them.

Steps that our team follows during API testing are as follows:

  • Understand expected inputs and outputs for an interface through the Low-level design document

  • Also, understand the functionality from the functional specification document

  • Write test cases that covers the functionality and inputs-outputs of an API

  • Executing test cases. The results are to be compared with the expected results

  • Report the defects found during comparison of expected Vs Actual results

Our value propositions:

Shift Left – With API testing, our team involves early in the SDLC (i.e., during development stage) and reports the unit level defects much earlier. Early detection and fixing of defects result in lower cost of fixing defects.

Time saving - With early detection of defects, the team can ensure early fixing and can avoid the detection of defects at later stage. This improves overall saving of the application development time and faster movement to production systems

Test Coverage – With early defects detection results in reduced number of System & Regression test cycles and hence an overall cost and time optimization

Improves quality of the application - Our API testing improves the overall quality of the application. Early detection of the defects ensures they are fixed early and application functionality is working all the time

Automated Test Assets - We deliver automated test scripts along with detailed documentation to the customer. This will help customer to use these automated test scripts in future as well as per the need