Automation Testing

Automation testing is a type of functional testing done using an automation tool. The purpose of this testing is to execute functional test cases in automated way where minimal user intervention is required. This way, the testing team can ensure test execution during odd hours as well like in night time.

Automation tools are available as commercial licensed versions or the freeware versions.

At SoftDevOps Consulting, we employ automation testing heavily in regression test cycles due to its benefits and quicker turnaround of the test results.

Through automation, our team’s goal is to give customer all the benefits of the automation testing. The benefits are:

  • Multiple regression test cycles can be executed on-demand

  • Quicker test results to ensure the application is working and hence faster SDLC

  • Ensure application defects are reported to the development team as early as possible

  • Increase overall test execution since manual test execution is time consuming and higher the count of test cases, more the efforts required hence more test resources. With automation, it is only one time effort of automating these test cases and later these test cases can be executed in automated way by minimal number of resources

  • Good documentation of the automated test cases ensures that the automated scripts can later be handed over to the customer for future use

  • With multiple automated test executions, detailed analysis / trends can be drawn on how the application functionality is behaving build-by-build. One can also analyze the application functionality-by-functionality / module-by-module and can take necessary corrective actions

Our value propositions

Value for money – Our automated test solutions are proven as value for money. It helps overall cost saving from testing side

Quicker testing cycles - With our automated test cycles we ensure quicker test cycles every release. This ensures faster time-to-market and cost saving. Automated test cycles are designed robustly for minimum user intervention in functional test scenarios coverage.

Comprehensive Test Coverage: All the test cases (either System test cases or regression test cases) that are executed every time, are automated so that they can be executed every time. This helps comprehensive test coverage of application functionalities.

Improves quality of the application - Our automation test suites are designed and executed in such a way that the focus is always on the overall quality improvement of the application. Early detection of the defects ensures they are fixed early and application functionality is working all the time.

Automated Test Assets - We deliver automated test scripts along with detailed documentation to the customer. This will help customer to use these automated test scripts in future as well as per the need.