Compatibility / Cross Browser Testing

Compatibility Testing is a type of Non-functional testing that ensures the application is working correctly on different platforms. With Desktop applications the target platforms could be Windows operating systems etc. and with Web applications the target platforms could be different browsers like Chrome, Edge etc.

At SoftDevOps Consulting, we have developed a comprehensive compatibility testing methodology which helps in identifying the compatibility issues quickly, document them in pre-defined templates, report the issues and suggest quick fix solutions to those issues.

Types of Compatibility Testing we do:

  • Desktop Application Compatibility Testing – When thick client application is to be tested against the newer hardware, Operating system then our team first works on the baseline testing results. In this type of testing, the application’s functionality is executed on the already working environment and the results are captured. These results are called as Baseline Test Results. In the next test execution, the application’s functionality is executed on the targeted environment and the results are again captured. These results are then compared with Baseline Test Results. The differences are documented as compatibility test defects and reported.

  • Web Application Compatibility Testing – Under this testing our team executes the business scenarios on each test browser and documents the results. The results are shared with customer and discussed. Customer decision is being considered as final decision on how the functionality should work on the browsers. The differences in the functionality on browsers is being reported as compatibility test defects.

Our value propositions:

Wide Reach of Applications – With comprehensive compatibility testing, our team ensures that the application is fully compatible on the target platforms and web browsers so that end users do not face any challenge in executing business functionalities.

Cost Saving – We understand how critical it is to keep the application working in the production environment. This helps in smooth flow of the business and no abrupt halt to the production system which causes revenue loss. Our comprehensive compatibility test solutions ensure the application is working all the time in the production system without any compatibility issues.

Reduced Application Support - With fully compatible application, there would less need of application support.

Shift Left – With compatibility test framework, our team involves early in the SDLC (i.e., during development stage) and reports the compatibility issues much earlier. Early detection and fixing of defects result in lower cost of fixing defects.