Desktop Application Testing:

At SoftDevOps Consulting, we understand the importance of Desktop applications for an organization. Desktop applications carry important business functionalities which are secure for an organization and only a few users should have access to them.

Even though the world is moving towards web applications, organizations rely on desktop applications heavily as they are secure and accessed within the organization.

As the Desktop applications are to be highly secure, there is a strong need for quality testing of these applications. Since these applications carry critical business functionalities and organization specific secure data therefore the testing of these applications is to be detailed enough.

Any gap in the testing would result in malfunctioning of the business functionality and/or data incorrectly stored on the database. It will further result in business continuity at risk and revenue loss.

Our team of testing experts have matured test framework for testing Desktop applications. Through the test framework, we provide complete requirement coverage, functionality testing, integration & system testing & screen resolution testing.

Types of Desktop Testing that we cover:

GUI Testing:

Here we ensure that the look-n-feel i.e., application interface is working correctly. All controls available on the screens are verified and ensured that they are working as expected. Controls range from Menu items to buttons, drop downs, check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes etc. Regular feedback to customer ensures that the GUI is designed as per the expectations. Any gaps are covered during these regular interactions.

Functional & Regression Testing:

We at SoftDevOps Consulting, understand how important the functionality of a Desktop application is and ensure that the functional testing is done by covering all the defined requirements. Our test suite is created with business scenarios that covers all possible paths of the requirements. Also, our team regular interaction with Business Analyst / end users ensures complete coverage of the requirements.

Once functional testing is complete, our team then ensures the features that are working as per the expectations keeps working release-by-release. Regression testing is one important testing which ensures that the current functionality of the applications is not impacted while introducing new changes/updates to the system. Our test suite is executed during every release to ensure application’s features working. Also, we employ automation for the regression suite so that the regression testing is quicker. With high number of release cycles, automation is best way to ensure quicker test cycles every release.

Compatibility Testing:

Compatibility testing in Desktop applications is to test applications on different hardware configurations or different software environments or different operating systems.

Our team gathers the requirements of compatibility testing by discussing with Business Analysts, end users and customer SPOC and creates a list covering the required OS, Software, and hardware environments. Our test team then creates a traceability matrix covering the combination of Operating System Vs Software Environment Vs Hardware Platform. This traceability matrix is then approved by the customer.

The test team then works on the traceability matrix to ensure that functional and regression test suites are executed in pre-defined combination of the OS Vs Software environments Vs Hardware configuration to provide maximum coverage.

Our value propositions:

Coverage of screen resolutions: With our pre-defined screen resolution matrix, we ensure complete coverage. A customer can be assured that all his hardware environments are covered through our coverage.

Quicker testing cycles: With our automated test cycles we ensure quicker test cycles every release. This ensures faster time-to-market and cost saving. Automated test cycles are designed robustly for minimum user intervention in functional test scenarios coverage.

Fully working business scenarios / functionalities – Our team focuses on the complete coverage of the requirements and business scenarios. This ensures that the required business functionality is working all the time.

Minimum Business disruption: The newer updates to the operating systems and hardware platforms sometime make applications incompatible. Through our compatibility traceability matrix, we ensure complete compatibility testing of the applications thereby ensuring minimum disruption to the business.

Application Security: Since the Desktop application data is sensitive and is to be protected, our testers ensure that the application is secure and any kind of unauthorized access to protected data is forbidden.