Localization Testing

Localization Testing is a type of GUI + Functional testing performed to verify the quality of a product in the targeted regions. Localization testing ensures that customer website shows region specific text, local language vocabulary when a specific region option is chosen.

Our team takes helps of language experts to understand the region-specific words and then perform two types of testing:

  • GUI Testing

  • Functional Testing

Following are the best practices that our team follows during Localization Testing:

  • User Interface: Test localized user interface to ensure that website / application displays region specific pages / screens and content

  • Localized content: Test region specific content and ensures that region specific end user is able to navigate without difficulties

  • Hardware / Software Compatibility: Test is performed to ensure that region specific application is compatible with the given hardware and Operating system

Localization Testing Process:

Our value propositions:

Globalized Application – With comprehensive testing, our team ensures the application is ready for all the targeted regions.

Cost saving - With 100% localized application, our team ensures that end user sees only region-specific text and able to execute business scenarios.

Reduce Application Support - With fully working localized application, there would less need of application support.

Highly flexible and Scalable: Application ready for multiple regions are highly flexible and scalable.