Mainframe Testing

Mainframe testing is testing of applications that are installed/built on mainframe systems. It is a type of functional testing done to verify the application functionality. Two areas of the mainframes are tested – CICS screens and Batch jobs.

Our team creates separate test suites for CICS screens and Batch jobs. Pre-requisites, functionalities to be tested, outputs are all covered in both CICS screens and Batch jobs test cases.

Mainframe testing types

Smoke Testing - This type of testing ensures that the system is up and running and doesn’t have any major flaws. This testing is an indication that a detailed level system testing can be conducted on the mainframe application.

System Testing – Under system testing, our teams focus on online screens and the batch testing

  • Online screens testing – In this type of testing, the front-end screens are tested with inputs and outputs. Desired inputs are feed into the screens and expected outputs are observed. The results are recorded as pass or fail along with the defects.

  • Batch testing – Batch jobs are designed to process application data. After understanding the working of a batch job, testers provide inputs and verifies the processed output by the batch job to mark the test case as pass or fail. The results and defects are recorded. Also, the sequence of batch jobs is verified to ensure that the jobs are working as per the specifications when integrated.

Regression Testing - Application development is a continuous process where the modules of the application are being developed and integrated. As we test modules, it becomes important that the functionality is not disturbed by the introduction of the new module. Through regression testing our team ensures that the working functionality is intact.

Our value propositions

Customer Satisfaction – Our team focuses on the complete coverage of the requirements and business scenarios. This ensures that the required business functionality is working all the time and the customer is satisfied.

Quicker testing cycles - With our automated test cycles we ensure quicker test cycles every release. This ensures faster time-to-market and cost saving. Automated test cycles are designed robustly for minimum user intervention in functional test scenarios coverage.

Early involvement in SDLC - Our team gets involved in the SDLC at early stages. This ensures early detection and fixing of the defects. Also, it ensures that the later test cycles yield a handful of critical defects, and the release of the application is not delayed due to critical defects found at the later stage.

Improves quality of the application - Our test suites are designed and executed in such a way that the focus is always on the overall quality improvement of the application. With early detection of the defects to regression test cycles ensures functionality working all the time.

Test Assets - We deliver test strategy, test scenarios, test cases and automation scripts to the customer at the end of the testing cycle. This ensures that if the customer wants to run another cycle of testing during any change to the application, then he can do it himself.