Mobile Application Testing:

At SoftDevOps Consulting, we understand how significant mobile applications are in today’s world. The market is full of smart phones and the current generation is hooked onto mobile devices, thereby switching from conventional desktop/laptop systems to handheld devices for their needs / day-to-day work. Ecommerce companies and many other organizations have stopped supporting their desktop versions and focusing completely on the mobile device version of their respective websites.

The challenges faced by websites are incompatibility due to fast changing mobile device versions and the underlying operating systems (Android, iOS, Win). We help customers overcome this challenge by broad testing coverage of the websites on mobile devices quickly through various tools. Also with our continuous support, we monitor the websites for potential impact due to introduction of new device/operating system and provide early reports to customers. This ensures that the websites remain up and running all the time on all types of available devices.

With our low-cost testing solutions, customers need not buy expensive handheld devices to get the website tested. We employ various tools to eliminate the need to buy expensive handheld devices for website testing. Through these tools we also ensure the look-n-feel of the websites.

Under mobile testing, our team of experts cover functional testing, compatibility testing, user experience (UX), Regression Testing, Performance & Security testing.

Our Value Propositions:

Broad range of devices coverage (Android, iOS, Windows) – We cover broad range of available devices to ensure compatibility

Functional, Compatibility, User Experience (UX) Coverage – We ensure User Experience coverage along with business scenarios / requirements testing

Minimum disruption during time-to-market – Our testing methodology is designed in such a way that the results are delivered quickly

Cost saving through reduced testing cycles – The lower the testing cycles, the higher the cost saving would be. Our team ensures high defects detection and complete coverage of the requirements in the initial test cycles, thereby reducing overall testing cycles

Low-cost testing solutions – We believe in cost saving for the customers by not buying the expensive equipment (handheld mobile devices) and employs tools that simulates all types of devices for testing mobile applications

No need to buy expensive mobile devices – The tools employed by us during the testing ensures that customer need not buy expensive mobile devices

Continuous monitoring and Support – We help customers in continuous monitoring of their mobile applications and provide early reports due to impact on newer devices / operating systems