Performance Testing

If you ever experienced your application is loading slow and page-by-page navigation is slow, your application might need performance testing. Also, if your web application fails to load during peak season then your application might need load testing. So, the Performance testing is a type of software testing which focuses on the performance aspect of the application. It also verifies if your application can hold prescribed user load.

Performance & load testing is one of the important types of testing which can’t be ignored and to be done mandatorily for any type of application – be it a desktop application or a web application. At SoftDevOps Consulting, we focus on the business goals which are, to grow revenue, increase market share, improve profitability and finally the customer satisfaction.

Justification of Performance Testing:

  • Application Tuning - Find and report performance bottlenecks and architectural defects

  • Infrastructure Tuning - Improve efficiency of the existing hardware (improved speed and volume of responses)

  • Capacity Planning - How much hardware we need?

Performance testing builds confidence that users will not encounter problems in live operation, and is a type of risk mitigating insurance. It enables us to evaluate whether:

  • A system is ready for release into production

  • A system is likely to meet its goals

  • The users will be satisfied with the service they receive

  • Resources are being used effectively

  • The system operation is likely to be trouble-free

Performance Goals

In support of the business goals and success criteria, the system should meet these performance goals:

  • Response times must be competitive or beat the competition

  • The system must be able to process normal workloads, heavy loads and the occasional surge in demand

  • The system must be scalable, so it can be upgraded as necessary to accommodate growth for the first three years without undue delay and expense

Our value propositions:

Grow Revenue – Our state of art performance test solution provides detailed reporting and performance tuning suggestions that helps customer to improve application performance and accessibility to the end users.

Improve Application accessibility - With our detailed performance and load test reports, customer can take the right decision on time to improve application accessibility

Capacity Planning – We deliver on-demand capacity planning report which can help customer to plan upfront for increased user base in future

Performance Test Assets - We deliver detailed performance test scripts, documentation and reports to the customer. This will help customer to draw a trend over the time and observe how the application is responding.