SalesForce Testing

As we know that is widely used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool therefore its testing process must be matured enough. Even though SalesForce is a Packaged application / COTS application (Commercial off the shelf) then also it is must to test the application. The reason is obvious – It is one of the complex applications that integrates with SAP and other applications – Web applications and desktop applications. It is customized as per the individual customer’s needs hence testing end-to-end flows are important.

Types of testing done during SalesForce Testing by our team are as follows:

Smoke Testing - This type of testing ensures that the system is up and running and doesn’t have any major flaws. This testing is an indication that a detailed level system testing can be conducted on the mainframe application.

Functional UI Testing – Functional test cases are to be designed carefully considering the complex customized business flow specific to each customer. With initial releases, manual testing is employed however as time progresses, more updates, customizations and integration with other applications makes it time consuming process. Here, we employ automation testing. With automated testing, we ensure quicker testing cycle. Also, as more and more test cases are added, they are executed in the automated way.

Regression Testing – With multiple updates, customizations and integration with other applications, it becomes important that the existing functionalities are not disturbed by the introduction of the new functionality. Through regression testing our team ensures that the working functionality is intact.

Following are the best practices that our team follows during Regression Testing:

  • End-to-end business scenarios related system test cases are picked up to be part of Regression Test suite

  • Robust Regression Test Framework designed for complete coverage

  • Enhance Regression test suite more often with addition of modules

  • Automate regression test cases through functional automation tool and execute the regression test suite in automated fashion

  • Defects found during the testing are being converted as Regression test cases. This ensures these defects do not appear again in the system.

Our value propositions

Comprehensive Test Coverage – Our team focuses on the complete coverage of the requirements and business scenarios. This ensures that the required business functionality is working all the time during updates, customization and integration with other applications.

Automated Test Execution – We employ automated testing as much as possible for consistent test execution and results. Also, it avoids manual testing errors due to repeated executions.

Quicker testing cycles - With our automated test cycles we ensure quicker test cycles every release. This ensures faster time-to-market and cost saving. Automated test cycles are designed robustly for minimum user intervention in functional test scenarios coverage.

Improves quality of the application - Our test suites are designed and executed in such a way that the focus is always on the overall quality improvement of the application. With early detection of the defects to regression test cycles ensures functionality working all the time.

Test Assets - We deliver test strategy, test scenarios, test cases and automation scripts to the customer at the end of the testing cycle. This ensures that if the customer wants to run another cycle of testing during any change to the application, then they can do it themselves.