Security Testing

The vulnerabilities of the system are determined in Security Testing. Also, this testing ensures that the system is protected from any kind of risks or threats that results in data theft and loss to business. During Security testing, our teams focus is on finding the loopholes in the application/system. So, in nutshell, Security testing focuses on evaluating the application/system security. The end goal of Security testing is to ensure that the application/system is protected from threats, risks and any kind of unauthorized access.

Types of Security Testing

  • Security scanning – It is done on the system to find weakness of the system or network. It can be done manually or through automation tools.

  • Vulnerability Scanning - It is done in automated way with the help of automation tool to check the vulnerabilities in the system.

  • Penetration Testing – In this testing, a tester tries to device various scenarios of possible attack to the system/application and then report the results so that they can be fixed.

  • Application Security Testing – It is done on the application to find weakness of the application. It can be done manually or through automation tools.

  • Database Security Testing – In this type of testing, various hacks are devised to evaluate how secure the database is.

Security Testing Goals

  • Identify and evaluate the threats in the application/system

  • Identify application/system vulnerabilities

  • Identify application/system risks

  • Ensure system/application is security compliance

Our value propositions

Avoid Business Loss – With security testing our team ensures that the customer is aware of all the loopholes of the system from where the application can be attacked and data stolen. Timely identify and fixing of the security issues leads avoid potential loss of business.

Gain confidence – End users gain confidence when they know that the application is secure since the application team has worked extensively on fixing the security issues.

Improve Application security - With our detailed security test reports, customer can take the right decision on time to improve application security.

Improve incident response time – It helps customer understand the risks and vulnerabilities of the system and take corrective actions in timely manner.