TFS Repo to Git Repo migration

A few articles as below explain the advantages of using Git over TFS in detail (TFS vs Git):

All the above discussion threads clearly indicates that industry is adopting to Git as their primary choice of Version Control System (VCS) over any other VCS tool at a rapid pace.


TFS is a centralized version control system, meaning that the code repository is stored in a central server.

TFS uses a branch-based approach for managing code changes, where branches are created for different features or bug fixes.

TFS follows a check-in/check-out workflow, where developers check out files for exclusive editing and then check them back in.

TFS, being a centralized system, can sometimes have slower performance, especially when dealing with large codebases or remote server operations.

TFS is tightly integrated with other Microsoft development tools and services, such as Visual Studio and Azure DevOps, providing seamless end-to-end application lifecycle management.

TFS relies on a connection to the central server for most operations, limiting offline work capabilities.


Git is a distributed version control system where every developer has their own local copy of the repository.

Git provides more flexibility with branching and merging, allowing developers to create lightweight branches easily and merge changes between branches efficiently.

Git follows a commit-based workflow, where changes are committed to the local repository and can be pushed to a central repository when ready.

Git is known for its excellent performance, especially for operations like branching, merging, and switching between branches.

Git has widespread adoption and a vast ecosystem of tools and integrations, making it compatible with various IDEs, build systems, and hosting platforms.

Git allows developers to work offline and commit changes locally without requiring a network connection, and Each developer working on a project has a complete copy of the code repository, including the full history of changes.

We recommend our clients who are using Team Foundation Server or similar VCS tools to migrate their source code repos to Git repos.
Git has several advantages over TFS, some key comparison between both the tools are explained in below table: