Web Application Testing:

At SoftDevOps Consulting, our Web application testing approach is to ensure functionality, compatibility, and localization testing (if applicable) coverage. The goal is to ensure that the customer’s website functionality is working as per the defined requirements & its look-n-feel meets the end user’s needs.

Additionally, we ensure that our customers’ website remains compatible with the browser versions on Desktop and Mobiles (Android, iOS, Win) and it is done through various tools to ensure complete coverage.

We acquire target web application knowledge through the following three approaches:

  • Going through available application documentation

  • Exploring the application

  • Knowledge transition sessions with the SMEs

Requirements are documented in the form of executable business scenarios. These business scenarios will be used in the testing phase to cover web pages of the target application.

Our value propositions:

Minimum disruption during time-to-market – Our testing methodology is designed in such a way that the results are delivered quickly

Cost saving through reduced testing cycles – The lower the testing cycles, the higher the cost saving would be. Our team ensures high defects detection and complete coverage of the requirements in the initial test cycles, thereby reducing overall testing cycles

Fully working business scenarios / functionalities – Our team focuses on the complete coverage of the requirements and business scenarios. This ensures that the required business functionality is working all the time

Browsers supported Web applications – We understand how frustrating it is when the website doesn’t appear correctly on the web browser(s). Hence our team of experts give high importance to the web compatibility testing ensuring website is visible correctly on the web browsers

Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows) supported – We additionally ensures that the website is visible on the mobile platforms as well

User Load handled optimally – Web applications where user load is a significant factor, we ensure load testing. End-user tendency to move away from the slow loading applications is one factor which is to be kept in mind while testing user loads.